Curiously, this side of hit genres like tower defense and physics based puzzlers, word games are a total success on mobile platforms. So much so that, Windows 8 boasts a few killer titles here.

And now we can add another one to the list — Master of Words.

Available in both free and premium versions (the paid flavor can be yours for $3.99), this is essentially a word construction game that offers the perfect blend of strategy, polish, fun and learning. No wonder then that it is one of the most popular, and darn near the highest rated app on the Windows Store.

More on what makes it work below, right after the official description:

“To put to proof people’s vocabulary skills in a short period of time. This is the idea behind of Master of Words, a game developed for Windows 8. The game presents a board with letters for the player to arrange into words in a two-minute span. By the end of each round, players from all around the world can compare their performance through the worldwide rankings.”

The above paragraph details the basic working well enough, and here are a few more reasons on why this game is a must grab — achievements, online leaderboards, to go with a very neat interface.

Now a game this good, just has to have a few catches, right? Right?

You can challenge players from all across the globe in this game, as long as they are not running Windows RT powered devices. The only downer here is that the developers have not added in support for ARM based processors as of this writing, only the x86 and x64 platforms are compatible. Bummer!

Click here to check out Master of Words on the Windows Store.

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  • Randy A

    Looks a lot like this old game on Blackberry called word mole. That was a free game, so based off that, I don’t think this should cost $3.99.

    • Yorker

      I thought the same thing. Seems very similar to a word mole type of game. Either way, I dont think any type of word game app should cost any money let alone 4 bucks. If it was completely free, I’d be in but I’m not sure how much the free version has to offer.

  • Mary

    I’m with Randy. It seems like a good game, but there are plenty of word games out there that are free apps. I think for $3.99 this will leave a lot to be desired.