Curiously named, this is a reader app that provides Windows 8 users access to the content published on the popular publishing platform, Medium. And it brings to table, everything you would expect from a third-party application.

Users can use the app to read and share stories that are posted on the platform. A list of collections is displayed when it is first opened, and each collection provides links to a list of articles that can handily be read directly within the app.

The official description:

“Medium is a publishing platform from the founders of Twitter, that people can share ideas and stories with public. Medium Reader, exclusively for Windows 8.1, makes it easy to follow your favorite collections, read and share articles.”

You can bookmark the articles for easy access, and the app supports exclusive Windows 8 features like Snap View and Live Tiles that ensure you stay up to date whenever new articles are published along with editor picks. Articles can shared with friends too, easily.

Windows 8.1 users can also send their chosen articles to the Reading List.

The UI is Metro through and through, and makes for a pleasant experience. The free app supports Microsoft’s latest operating systems on all processors, including ARM based ones.

Click here to check out Medium Reader on the Windows Store.

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