Microsoft is doing absolutely great work bringing new games to the modern Windows platform, and a new one has just landed on the Windows Store that goes by the name of Microsoft Jackpot.

Offering modern slot gameplay right in the Modern UI of the your Windows 8 device, the highlight of this game are the top notch visuals and sounds, zany characters, a slew of bonus games, Xbox achievements and leaderboards support, as well as daily bonuses.

A selection from the official description:

“Become a high roller with Microsoft Jackpot! Experience the excitement of modern video slots with Microsoft Jackpot! Featuring uniquely themed slot machines, huge payouts, and a wide variety of bonuses.

Microsoft Jackpot is for entertainment purposes only. Coin rewards given in-game cannot be cashed out or exchanged for real currency.”

Good to know that — of course, it is a game!

A variety of themed environments are available, each with gorgeous visuals and sounds, from ancient temples to candy factories. The game can even be paused and resumed on any Windows 8 device.

The free game works on both Windows 8 and Windows RT, and supports both touch and keyboard controls, though availability seems to be limited by region, but hopefully it becomes available on all markets soon. This is a quality game not to be missed.

Click here to check out Microsoft Jackpot on the Windows Store.

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  • CaraMa

    I’ve played something like this in the casino before! Definitely a fun and mindless game. I’m downloading this soon.

  • Drew J

    Perfect! The only way this could make me happier is if they let me use real currency! 😛 Seriously though, nice app watch choice.

  • Mark

    I lost all my money as the game drops hangs then when you reload coin balance drops by 200000!