Sudoku games have plenty of fans, and Sudoku fans have plenty of choices on the Windows Store. Plenty of choices. But if ever there was a thing as a perfect Sudoku game, this is it.

Coming from the House of Windows, Microsoft Sudoku has all the quality one would expect from a game developed by the company — there are 5 classic game modes, multiple difficulty levels, delightfully colorful visuals, and much more.

Before we get to all that, here is the official description:

“Microsoft Sudoku is the classic game you love, with a modern look and feel and exciting new features. With five difficulty levels, fresh daily challenges, achievements and leaderboards, Microsoft Sudoku provides hundreds of brain training puzzles for players of all ages.”

Modern look and feel is an understated affair here, the game looks wonderful.

As is the case with almost all such in house game, Redmond has built in Xbox support for daily achievements, leaders and cloud capabilities. The game is also fantastic for beginners with tips on how to play and hints in case you want help solving a puzzle.

Free, and for all version of Windows, including x86, x64 and ARM, the game offers support for all sorts of input methods from mouse and keyboard to touch and stylus. Can’t ask for more.

Click here to check out Microsoft Sudoku on the Windows Store.

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  1. Great app watch. Somehow, I’ve overlooked a sudoku app even though I love it. This is just what I needed!

  2. Sudoku is the best!!! Thank you for sharing it! 🙂 I’m a happy camper!

  3. Beautiful layout for a fun and challenging puzzle game. Really happy to have Sudoku on the Windows Phone!

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