A side-scrolling runner a bit of a twist. The curiously named Mussoumano Game put you in control of the main character, but only marginally. Herein lies all the fun.

You only have control of the space bar key, which you can press to jump. The longer you press, the higher you jump in the game. And as you can see, it becomes important very quickly, how you jump, as you need to time them to avoid obstacles and collect coins along the way.

The official description, typo and all:

“Mussoumano’s girls have been kidnapped by the haters and trolls while he was playing video games. Desperate by loosing his loved ones, Mussoumano goes after his enemies. Join Mussoumano and his Armoured Camel in this adventure to find the girls.”

The story only servers to deliver on the gameplay action, which is quite engaging.

Simple, but engaging.

A few extras are available that make things even more interesting. There are coin magnets, and you also get access to vehicles that can protect you from one misstep in the game. A few achievements are available too, but on the whole this is a minimalistic game with easy to follow mechanics.

Hard to master them, though. This free game is available as a universal app. Which is interesting, as it apparently only supports the x86 and x64 versions of Windows, not ARM.

Click here to check out Mussoumano Game on the Windows Store.

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