One of the premier developers on the Windows Store, Boo Studio, has already put up several popular Windows 8 apps like Torrex, Files&Folders, and Metro Command. The latest one in this impressive lineup is Nesbox, a Nintendo Emulator System emulator.

It is a quick and breezy download at 2.91 MB, and actually plays more than just NES games. You can also pop in Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo games, and they will run just fine.

Here is a look at the official description:

“Nesbox is a video console emulators’ hub. You can play your favorite NES, Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis games on any computer working under Windows 8.1/RT. Nesbox brings you to the magic world of games of the XX century.”

The emulator comes with a bunch of games already included, but you can easily search for more ROM files from within the app — this actually opens the default web browser. These ROMs are then automatically loaded into the application.

Nesbox comes with the familiar laid back UI of other Windows 8 apps from the developer, and that means a flat Metro look. But it is well designed for the most part, with clearly labelled options.

The free app supports keyboard and touch input options, however a physical gamepad support will just complete the experience. All versions of Microsoft’s modern operating platform are supported, including ARM based ones like Windows RT and Windows RT 8.1.

Click here to check out Nesbox on the Windows Store.

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