Another news app? Well, why not. Particularly if it is so well designed and feature rich like this one. Already a star on other mobile platforms, the app recently landed on the Windows Store.

And with some style, it must be said.

True to its name, News Republic brings together all sorts of breaking news stories from sources across the globe. Politics, sports, business, technology, entertainment and more. And it then presents them in a finely tuned user interface, with full stories just a click (or tap) away.

Before we get to the details, here is the official description:

“News Republic is the premiere news application for the smart and savvy reader. News Republic truly gives users an international and personalized news experience, while pulling together the best elements of a visual news reader and a news aggregator into one streamlined and easy-to-use app.”

And boy, when they say streamlined, they really mean it.

Tens of thousands of news stories from well over a hundred thousand topics are available for users to search, discover and follow. Yes, the app organizes news articles based on personalized choices, and this is what makes it a total joy to use.

The home screen allows customization a la Windows 8 with tiles and all that can be resized. The free app also makes perfect use of notifications and exclusive features like sharing and Snap Views. And it obviously supports ARM based versions of the operating system, making it a must have for tablets.

Click here to check out News Republic on the Windows Store.

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  1. Kelsy Martin / May 2, 2014 at 11:47 am /Reply

    Looks like the most immersive news app out. When I saw the title, I thought another news app?! But this looks like it’s worth it! Thanks for posting it.

  2. I do really like the way this is laid out. Has to potential to be the best news app for windows. Really good app watch here!

  3. The tiles look great. I’ve never heard of this, but it looks fantastic! I need to try this out! Thank you putting this on the sight! 🙂

  4. Steve Fulton / May 2, 2014 at 4:12 pm /Reply

    I swear by this app. Absolutely love it. And no, I don’t work for them. LOL it’s just the best news app out there to me.

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