Windows 8.1 App Watch: OneCalendar

If you heavily use calendars to manage your days and week, months and years, then this handy productivity app will pique your interest. Low on fashion and high on functionality, this is an application that integrates all your calendar into one.

Going by the name of OneCalendar, the app allows you to view and manage some of the most popular online calendars from a single interface — Google Calendar, Windows Live, Hotmail,, Exchange, Office 365, even Facebook.

Here is the official description:

“OneCalendar is a powerful app that integrates all your calendars into an easy-to-read overview. View and manage all your appointments, events and birthdays. Easily filter the appointments you would like to see.”

The app allows for effortless syncing with all of the abovementioned services, along with the ability to easily add, update and delete information. And it also works when an Internet connection is not present.

Powerful as it is, the app is still missing some essential features, including Live Tiles and Notifications support. A new coat of paint to refresh the user interface would not be such a bad idea either. It does, however, play nicely with all version of Windows 8, including those based on ARM.

Click here to check out OneCalendar on the Windows Store.

  • Leonard

    Tons of options out there like this, but this one does seem simpler and more inclusionary. I am definitely going to download this!