Windows 8.1 App Watch: Order & Chaos Duels

Another day, another deck building card game for Windows 8.1. Order & Chaos Duels from Gameloft has recently debuted on the Windows Store, bringing with it expected awesomeness.

You can play against both computer and human opponents.

Fire off the game, and you’ll be walked through the game mechanics via the elaborate tutorial missions. Experienced card game players can be forgiven, but beginners will appreciate it. More on how things work below, but overall the game seems to be a hit with users. Well received.

The official description:

“Rediscover the Order & Chaos universe in this FREE collectible trading card game (TCG) that lets you battle evil forces on many adventures or fight against real players for leaderboard supremacy.

The ancient demonic spirit Zepar and his Corruption have returned to use the world as their twisted, wicked playground once again. Create your great hero, the Card Dueler, and embody the world’s only hope!”

This world’s only hope, they mean.

The gameplay basically boils down to you having a set amount of cards available to you that each have a cost to play. You have a creature on each card that has attack and health ratings as well as equipment or spell that improve your hero in different ways.

Cards also have their own special abilities that come into play during certain phases.

So basically, this is a free card game through and through, a role playing adventure with more than 300 cards to collect. The game comes in at a hefty download, around 750MB, but you do get support for all modern versions of Windows, 32-bit, 64-bit and ARM.

Click here to check out Order & Chaos Duels on the Windows Store.

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  • busybee

    Definitely not for me, but I do think this is a very good app for those who like this stuff. I can see this being more popular.