Windows 8.1 App Watch: Pencil Blade

Most knockoff games offer a substandard experience, but every now and then one arrives that delivers. Pencil Blade may be a copy of the trendy Fruit Ninja, yet it has earned popularity on the Windows Phone Store.

The developers have now ported it out to the Windows platform, and the game tasks you with cutting fruit using the mouse or keyboard in a fast paced fashion.

A selection from the official description:

“A favorite game on Windows Phone is now available for Windows 8.1. If you love pencil style I think you will love this game too. All of the fruits in this game are drawn by hand and the boom too, they all look funny.”

Obviously, the first thing you will notice is the simple doodle artwork, but the real fun lies in the gameplay, which works exceptionally well on touch enabled devices.

A variety of modes are included, with the primary difference between them being the type of collectible extras. The diversity carries over to the blades too, with an assortment available. Throw in the power ups, and you have got yourself a game.

Sure, it falls short of the original hit, but for what it is, this free title is a worthwhile download. Works with all modern versions of Microsoft’s operating system, starting with Windows 8 vanilla.

Click here to check out Pencil Blade on the Windows Store.

  • Yorker

    These games are the ones I enjoy the most. Silly and addicting. No doubt if it has any resemblance to fruit ninja, I’ll greatly enjoy it.

  • CaraMa

    This looks pretty cool! I like the doodle background and theme! I’m never one to turn down a free app, so I will give it a shot! 🙂