Simple name for an austere app that offers a popular twist on endless running games like Temple Run and Minion Rush. Pet Run adds in the third dimension to the tried and tested concept.

So instead of simply moving up, down, left and right, you also have to manipulate the terrain in order to make it easier for your characters to move past obstacles and nab the cash scattered along your path. It still makes for a fun game — but nothing you have not seen before.

The official description, first and foremost:

“Pet Run is a fast-paced endless runner with intuitive controls and randomized gameplay. Swipe left/right to rotate the platform when above light blocks and swipe up/down to jump or roll. Your reflexes will be tested, that’s for sure!”

For sure, indeed. Express, smooth 60 fps gameplay.

Now, while the gameplay is easy, and the visuals are nothing to write home about, the game delivers in terms of experience. It is a fun ride, fast gameplay with 4 unique pets. You also have 7 different randomly generated themes, meaning you will never play the same level again.

This free game is a light and easy download, and universal compatibility means that it is also available on Windows Phone. Best enjoyed on x86, x64 or ARM tablets, though.

Click here to check out Pet Run on the Windows Store.

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