Windows 8.1 App Watch:

Windows 8.1 App Watch:

The assault of ingenuity continues on the Windows Store, with another high profile and highly useful app that has just landed. The title may be a play on words (Frisbee), but this app is just as much fun.

If you live your life mobile, you are going to love This app lets you share photos, documents and files with any other nearby device — it could be a tablet or a smartphone, no matter. You get a start screen from where you can select the content that you want to share, and off it goes!

The official description couldn’t be briefer:

“ allows people to discover other devices that are nearby and share files with them no matter what device type they are using. It’s as simple as Click. Pick. Share.™”

Users can connect their Windows powered device with one or multiple devices. Emailing options are also available, as is an activity stream for your received and sent files.

Privacy options are an absolute necessity for an app like this, and the developers have given adequate attention to this. You get a dedicated privacy button to hide yourself from public view whenever you are concerned about security.

This small and handy app is regularly updated, and supports all processors that can run Microsoft’s modern operating systems, including ARM based ones.

Click here to check out on the Windows Store.