The word avenger has taken a different meaning in recent times thanks to the exploits of a certain move studio that goes by the name of Marvel Studios. This free game, however, keeps things traditional.

A fast-paced running game, your task in Pocket Avenger is to reach the exit on each map.

Interestingly, your character runs and shoots automatically, so all you have focus on is to jump when needed, and change weapons when necessary. Gaming these days, it’s much too easy! However, as this title proves, it’s much too fun too.

Here is the official description:

“Load up your guns, hit the road and do what you have to in order to survive, keep moving as fast as you can, and protect people by any means necessary. When the Dead are rising, RUN! Pocket Avenger is simply the best runner yet on Windows 8 devices.”

Tall claim, but surely not far from the truth.

The game provides quite a challenge in later stages, particularly when you are low on money to upgrade your equipment and all that. Which essentially means you will need to either keep playing the same levels until you accumulate enough cash, or purchase some currency in-app.

Visually, the game is a delight, and it also features weekly tournaments and boss battles that pit you against other players. For all versions of Windows, including ARM based ones.

Click here to check out Pocket Avenger on the Windows Store.

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  • Yorker

    Seems like a cool enough game with good enough graphics. I’m glad you shared this on the app watch, because I’m gonna test this out!