Windows 8.1 App Watch: PopcornFlix

Windows 8.1 App Watch: PopcornFlix

Entertainment apps were one of the first to appear on the Windows Store, allowing early adopters of Microsoft’s modern operating system an option to viewing streaming content from various sources.

Mostly YouTube, back at that time, but you get the idea.

We now have a bit of a refined form of such apps. PopcornFlix is an application offers a selection of free movies that you can watch on your computer (or tablet). Most of these are independent flicks, with some public domain stuff thrown in.

A selection from the official description:

“PopcornFlix is a free, ad-supported streaming service that offers a variety of films and series in a growing number of countries all over the world. Our service is completely legal and does not require downloads, subscriptions or any other hassles – films are easily streamed on your device.

PopcornFlix offers its viewers a wide array of content, ranging from big studio pictures to independent cinema, documentaries and cult classics.”

Obviously, you will not find the latest blockbusters here, but this free app still offers a good selection of movies that can be played back right away — with the hassle of registering or subscribing and all that.

You can also search for titles, and there is a genre browser that can be used to find movies of interest. The design is touch optimized, with the now standard dark theme, and although this initial release of the app is only compatible with Windows 8.1 installations, ARM based processors are supported.

Click here to check out PopcornFlix on the Windows Store.

  • Jen

    Another hulu/netflix type of option for free. I think the more the merrier for video streaming. I’ll download it! Thank you for the app watch! 🙂

  • John Howe

    Is this exclusively on Windows? I’ve never heard of it before and I’m unsure how new it is. As you said, I’m not expecting blockbusters, but it seems like there is a decent selection with this app.