Finally, a Windows 8.1 app that does not take the Metro design philosophy literally. The official application of the music streaming service Rdio, allows users to sign in and easily access the service.

In terms of content, the app makes available the full music catalog of 20 million tracks, along with radio stations that you can create and more. Social features are also built in, allowing you to follow friends, artists and other music lovers.

The official description keeps things lean and mean:

“Discover your next favorite track with Rdio, a social jukebox with over 20 million tracks to play — instantly or in stations. Play what you want, when you want, from new hits to classic albums. Or, start a station based on any track, artist or genre and lean back while Rdio plays a perfect mix of songs. Once you’ve found some favorites, add them to your Collection or put them in a playlist.”

The design, however, is where this app really shines. Rich, clean visuals, to go with tidy navigation make for a great experience. Exclusive Windows 8 features include support for Live Tiles, album pinning on the Start Screen and background audio playback.

Interestingly, as good as everything looks, there are some elements that are not optimized for touch. Hopefully the company takes care of this for tablet users in future updates.

All this amounts to nothing if the audio quality is found lacking. Luckily, the sound, too, is crisp and the fidelity can be felt on all tracks. All said and done, this is an official client done right. Works with x86, x64 and ARM flavors of the modern Windows.

Click here to check out Rdio on the Windows Store.

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  1. A nice spotify-type application. Thank you for making me aware of this. I didn’t know this was out there for a the Windows Phone. I will check this out soon!

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