Windows 8.1 App Watch: Salvage

The computing industry moves at a fast pace, but things have been unusually brisk these past few days. It is only fitting that we kick off this new week with a fast paced game of our own.

Salvage is a music game that requires lightening quick reflexes. You are tasked with collecting scrap with your spaceship, shooting at enemy ships and doors, while avoiding objects that could cause harm, as you try to reach the end of the level.

There isn’t much of an official description to go by, though, just this:

“SALVAGE is the MUST HAVE MUSIC GAME for 2014. Featuring music from – NOISIA – ZOMBOY – SKISM – and many more. Created by veteran developers from the GUITAR HERO and DJ HERO series.”

Veteran developers from the Guitar Hero and DJ Hero series must surely mean good things, right?

Well, let me tell you the good news, Mary, it is in this case! The game is quite fun to play, and rather nicely designed. The music aids you in your travel through space, as you get hints and clues when to move your ship, and when to shoot, and all that.

The visuals are neat too, and although a free download, you need to make use of in-app purchases to acquire more songs and items. And you also need a fairly powerful device, like the Surface 2 or equivalent to really run it well. Which coincidently is confirmation that the game offers ARM support.

Click here to check out Salvage on the Windows Store.

  • Ted Smith

    So free, but not actually free. Oh well. I don’t mind paying some money if it’s worth it and this sounds like it truly is. I need to try this out. Thanks Fahad.

  • Biz12

    A music app that has shooting and other elements. A funky mix, but a good one in my opinion. I loved guitar hero which means I’ll obviously give this a chance! 😉

  • Bill Franklin

    The description doesn’t make it sound like a music game even though it is. That makes me intrigued. I need to test this out though before I buy additional songs and get the “full” version.