Windows 8.1 App Watch: Share To Speech

Before one gets down to the business of reviewing this app, it merits asking what took them so long to create an application like this. The hallmark of the Windows platform is productivity, and this is one easy-to-use app that delivers on this promise.

An award winning solution (at Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 Developer Contest), Share to Speech converts text to speech using the share interface. You can create an MP3 file simply by sharing an Internet link.

Here is the official description:

“This award winning text to speech and listen later app can create a speech or an MP3 file just by sharing an internet page or pasting its link from any of 13 supported languages. It can also open Microsoft Word (.docx), PowerPoint (.pptx) and many other text file formats and turn them into speech.

MP3 files can be automatically or manually transferred to any folder (e.g. an USB disk or a mobile phone, or a local Dropbox or OneDrive folder) for listening later.”

Listening later being the keyword here — no one likes to spend time in front of their screens reading long swathes of text, when they can listen to these articles and documents with this ease.

An equally interesting highlight is the user interface, which is very much seamless. The app is intelligently designed can automatically detects the language of a given text. And although it retails for $3.99, a free trial is available. For all versions of Windows, including ARM. Recommended.

Click here to check out Share to Speech on the Windows Store.

  • Bill Franklin

    Sounds like a pretty awesome and practical technology. If it works as it’s described, it’s certainly worth $3.99. I just find it funny that the screenshot mentions Steve Jobs. Seem a bit odd, even though I guess it’s a nice tribute.