The influx of cross-platform apps on the Windows Store continues with this exciting new addition. Already available on iOS and Android, Shooting Showdown has recently made its way to the Windows Store, with quite some fanfare.

This highly rated game allows you to see how you match up against friends and enemies in a virtual reality, well, shooting showdown. And as you might expect, it is helluva fun.

Although it might not win awards for its visual presentation, it does provide that feeling of being in a shooting range, with realistic muzzle flashes, bullets, and some very crisp sound effects.

The official description:

“Experience the trick shooting game that changed the FPS genre forever. Match up against your friends, your enemies, or anyone in the world in the world’s first virtual reality shooting range!”

It also comes with gyroscope controls for Windows tablets, and puts them good use.

But what matters the most is multiplayer action, and Shooting Showdown delivers here. Luckily, you also get a fully featured practice mode to hone your skills and earn some coins — which can then be used to unlock more guns.

This free game is an easy download at just over 42MB, and it also supports all versions of Windows, including those based on ARM based processors. Give it a shoot.

Click here to check out Shooting Showdown on the Windows Store.

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  1. I hate guns in real life, but I love shooting games! I’m glad you posted this and I’ll be sure to try out this free app! 🙂

  2. Matthew Laws / May 14, 2014 at 1:00 pm /Reply

    I’ve heard great things about this app from friends that have droids and iPhones. I’m glad I can download it now! Look outstanding!

  3. Steve Fulton / May 14, 2014 at 4:23 pm /Reply

    Looks pretty great. Are there multiple levels and gameplay or just the target practice type game that’s in the picture?

  4. I am the best player in the universe. I wish there was a way to go professional.

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