Got kids in the house? Well, they might have used a million educational apps, but they haven’t used anything until they give this game a try. When it works, that is.

Skoolbo Core Skills, or let’s just call it Skoolbo, is an engaging game for the little ones that makes learning fun, particularly mathematics and reading. Students can create an account directly, design an avatar, play around, learn some stuff, and finally graduate — all in a virtual world, of course.

Here is the official description in full:

“The largest educational game ever and it’s FREE! Designed to help 4 – 10 year olds strengthen their Core Skills in literacy and numeracy.

The multi-player games incorporate beautifully designed 3D worlds, individualized avatars and a highly effective rewards system. Teachers and parents receive comprehensive reports detailing not only strengths and weaknesses, but also suggested individually customized activities for student improvement.”

The only major downsides, at the time of this writing, are the constant freezes and crashes.

Although coming in at a 239.5MB download size, this highly-rated free game offers several appealing features, including a teachers and parents dashboard, leaderboards and offline play.

The latest update enhances compatibility with Windows 8.1, while refining the user interface and fixing bugs. Supported processors include ARM based ones, though the developers have listed Surface Pro in the system requirements.

Click here to check out Skoolbo on the Windows Store.

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  • Jake

    Educational app for young kids that’s free. That description alone will make this popular. Parents will love this to give to give to their kids and get them to stop complaining and learn something! Lol

  • Claire R

    My niece will love this game! Thank you for sharing this. Can’t wait to be the cool aunt! 🙂