Sherman Brothers, the iconic song writers with Disney may have thought the world is small, but Link Kit think it’s snowy. Snow World is the newest game from the developers of Samurai Defender.

And this game, too, has a few similarities with the one that, and you can read about it here.

Only this time around you are tasked with defending your snow castle from hordes and hordes of pesky penguins and other arctic creatures that want to conquer it. You can throw snowballs at enemies, or even use spells to conjure your own troops and slow their advance.

The official description keeps things simple:

“A simple action defense game set in the Snowball fight. Defend your castle from approaching enemies!”

It comes with its own zany story, where an evil emperor penguin wants to steal the Snow Crystal for himself. Nothing Shakespearean, but enough to keep things going.

Although free, and you can complete it without forking any cash, the game does make user of a fair bit of in-app monetization — it’s either your to time or your money. But if you enjoyed the previous title from the developer, you’ll know what to do.

Optimized touch controls, cartoony graphics, colorful visuals and rich presentation. Not universal, but runs fine on all modern versions of Windows, including x86, x64 and ARM based installations. It’s a Snow World, after all.

Click here to check out Snow World on the Windows Store.

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