There are social apps, apps with social features built in, and then are apps that take the concept and turn the volume up to 11. SocialRadar is one such app, one such richly designed app.

The name probably gives it away, but the concept of this application is simple enough — connect your Facebook or LinkedIn account to SocialRadar, and it informs you about people you are associated with when they are nearby.

More information, via the official description:

“SocialRadar gives you real-time information about the people around you. Know who’s around. See how you’re connected. Discover what they’ve been up to. All while controlling your privacy on one beautiful app.

Imagine walking into a room already knowing there are 4 co-workers, 2 college friends, and 3 friends of friends nearby. And that one of your college friends just got engaged and your co-worker was just promoted.”

The amount of information displayed is wonderful. This free app displays everything from how many friends you have to how far they are from you, even what you have in common with nearby people.

Told you it takes things to 11!

Obviously, you also get plenty of privacy controls, so you stay in charge and share information that you are willing to reveal. A handy invisibility mode also comes in useful. Support for all versions of Windows is on offer, including ARM based ones, and the interface is completely touch optimized.

Click here to check out SocialRadar on the Windows Store.

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  1. This will surely be a popular app. The more social media the better as we move forward as a society. For me personally, it’s too much, but there’s no arguing the popularity of it nowadays. Nice spotlight choice.

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