Are you in the mood for a cute casual game on your Windows 8 device? Well you can’t do much better than Space Kitty, a gorgeously designed puzzle platform title that landed (ha!) on the Windows Store not so long ago.

If you ever wanted to know what juicy graphics are, then install this game.

Colorful visuals and cute characters are a big part of this delightful game that has you solving puzzles as your cute critter travels across the galaxy. This well received game offers no less than 100 levels, each with a varying level of difficulty and nicely thought out layouts.

The official description details it best:

“The small but brave Captain Kitty is traveling across the galaxy and finds a destroyed space station with aliens on it. Help Kitty save the scared aliens by rotating the space station to find the exit and solve the puzzles!

100 incredibly fun and breathtaking levels are waiting for you. Download Space Kitty for the super galactic adventures that will have you coming back for more!”

The game is intended for kids and adults alike, but young ones will get the most fun out of it. Objectives are simple enough — rotate, avoid obstacles and ever so occasionally use super powers.

You can take a look at a gameplay video here. And even though the Windows 8 version is free to download at the moment, a paid version on Windows Phone Store is also available. It also support ARM based flavors of Microsoft’s modern platform, making it a perfect fit for tablets and hybrid devices.

Click here to check out Space Kitty on the Windows Store.

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