Windows 8.1 App Watch: Space Smasher

Arcade gaming has found new life on mobile devices, and by that token, on PCs too, with the release of Windows 8. A number of fun and richly designed titles are now available on the Windows Store.

And well, they sure beat making a trip to gaming arcades as was the norm in the 80s.

Appropriately titled, Space Smasher is another game in this fan favorite genre that has been made available for users of Microsoft’s modern operating systems, both on desktops and tablets. It puts you in race in outer space (of all things), with the task of avoiding as many rocks as possible to stay alive.

Adequately, this is the only part of the official description that makes sense:

“A casual and endless fun arcade game for Windows 8 (RT/Pro).”

Anyway, jokes aside, the game is a bundle of fun — it shows in everything from the description to in game instructions and races, 30 of which are included. The visuals are also top notch.

All things considered, if you regularly play games on your Windows 8.1 device, then this is a title that you just have to check out for the exhilarating experience it provides. You can play the game using either your trusty old mouse or the touch based controls.

Although the game retails for $1.49, you do get the option of a one day trial to test drive. And it works on all compatible hardware, from x86 and x64 to ARM.

Click here to check out Space Smasher on the Windows Store.

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