If you thought the Microsoft Garage unit was only limited to games and Windows Phone app, think again. Student Planner is a simple solution they’ve created for, well, students.

It allows them to add courses and tasks to the application, simply by swiping or via the special menu that pops up when right-clicking. Once a course is added, they can assignments and exams to it. Pretty simple, really, the application itself is nothing fancy.

A selection from the official description:

“Organize your academic information for the semester with Student Planner, a Microsoft Garage project. Store course documents, take notes, input events to your calendar and enter data in just one app.

Never manually enter the due date or title of your assignment. Upload your course documents and Student Planner will extract the important information for you, add the event to your calendar, and store the document to your OneDrive.”

Still, the app is highly usable, and useful.

As noted above, one big highlight is that the application uses other Microsoft apps — OneNote for note taking and OneDrive for documents and files. And it can access both services directly, so if these are the solutions you use, then this one comes in real handy.

It even works in collaboration with the Outlook.com calendar, and while the user interface might be on the simpler side of things, the free app works as advertised. For x86, x64 and ARM versions of Windows.

Click here to check out Student Planner on the Windows Store.

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