Super Party Sports Football. Now that’s a mouthful of a name. Football, known as soccer in the US, is said to be the beautiful game. Subjective, because there are a few sports that are more beautiful.

This free game, however, has got more to do with Angry Birds than football.

Which means, even if you don’t enjoy the sport, you’ll have a good time with this one. You pick a national team in the beginning and then hit the opposing players with the ball by shooting it in their direction. Shooting, as in kicking it — don’t get any funny ideas.

Here’s the official description:

“Charge up your soccer ball, calculate power and shoot down every rival in your way! Pass, shoot and destroy your opponents in brilliant battles on the field. Plan effective passes, take down heavy rowdies and smash the goalkeeper to win the match!”

All this makes for perhaps the wildest game of football, ever.

Your primary task is to find the right angle and speed to hit the players from the other team or to pass the ball along to players from yours. And herein lies the challenge of this visually delightful title.

Although free, the game does include a few in-app purchases. But it can be enjoyed without them too. Universal binaries mean it can also be downloaded on Windows Phone devices, along with the three modern Windows platforms. Well worth a try.

Click here to check out Super Party Sports Football on the Windows Store.

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