Another official client has gone the full monty. Tapatalk actually launched on the Windows Store towards the end of February, but surprisingly, it only supported Windows RT 8.1.

Which made it one of the very few, select special apps that exclusively supported the ARM platform.

This popular app has just now received support for x86 and x64 flavors of Windows 8.1, meaning that every single version of Microsoft’s modern platform can install this application. What it does, you may be wondering?

Well here is the official description:

“Discover robust online communities and stay connected with your favorite forums on-the-go with this award-winning mobile app. Tapatalk is the only mobile app combining over 50,000 internet communities in a streamlined mobile experience.

Fast and accessible features allow you to read posts, share photos, and keep updated on private messages in all your forum communities within a single mobile app.”

So basically this app allows accessing online discussion forums right within the Modern UI of your shiny new system. This fresh new version also comes with handy and helpful new features, including a tour for new users, a topic and news feed, push notification and toast support.

Images are also displayed right in the topic list.

This free app comes with a touch optimized interface that is very easy to navigate and use, making it a breeze to access your favorite communities from either a Surface tablet or PCs and laptops.

Click here to check out Tapatalk on the Windows Store.

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  • Emily W

    Cool app and I’m glad it’s available on all platforms. This is a convenient place for people who are active on forums to keep up with all the different places they communicate online.

  • Bill Franklin

    Nice app in theory. I don’t know how many people are truly active on multiple forums to the level of needing this app, but I guess they’re out there.

    • Wayne S

      Is this only for forums you have accounts on or can it be for ones you read? Because that could make a real difference since I know plenty of people who check multiple forums everyday, but don’t post on any.

  • Sally Black

    I love this app! I check things from all different areas like the picture indicates, so this will work great for me. 50,000 communities in one place is incredible in my book! 🙂