Windows 8.1 App Watch: Tentacles: Enter The Mind

Microsoft just recently launched another quality game for users of Windows 8.1, in the form of Tentacles: Enter the Mind. And it is as offbeat as games can get.

Even the name is offbeat.

This is a jump and run game — though the amount of jumping and running you do is quite little. You are essentially controlling a tentacle onscreen, and have to deal with everything that comes with controlling a creature of this sorts.

The official description:

“Play as the adorable and fantastical creature, Lemmy, and tap or click your way through the layers of Dr. Phluff’s outrageously bizarre mind. Dispatch enemies, collect eyes and secret eggs, gain powers and abilities, and play against your friends. And when you get to the end: survive as long as you can. The Doctor has gone mad from the creatures and only you and Lemmy can save him!”

Well that was weirdly unconventional.

The game itself is more so. With the levels being 3D, you use your fangs to move through the environment as you collect coins, avoid enemies and complete all manners of tasks. These include grabbing power ups, finding hidden secrets, and collecting special items like eggs and eyes.

The controls of this free game work fine with touch or mouse.

And the graphical and audio presentation is top notch. Although free, it does come with some optional in-app purchases. For all versions of Windows 8 and above, x86, x64 and ARM. However, do keep in mind that it is not available on all store locations yet.

Click here to check out Tentacles: Enter the Mind on the Windows Store.

  • Mary

    This is a cute game! I really love the graphics here and the idea in general! Certainly worth a download.