Windows Store has some of the more popular mainstream categories like Games, Education and Entertainment covered, but the Travel section still has to really catch up, at least when it comes to the number of apps.

Luckily, even with a low volume, this section boasts a few neatly designed apps that you can install on your Windows 8.1 computers and devices.

And one such app is Translator Free, a light and simple translation application that you can use to translates phrases, sentences, even whole paragraphs from one language to the next.

The official description explains it best:

“Application translates phrases, sentences and whole paragraphs of text or simple words between 35 different languages. Application uses Googles language translation service. It can help if you want to learn a foreign language, fresh up your skills or travel abroad.”

Obviously, the quality of translations you get will be as good as the one available on Google Translate, as this basic app does not actually come with its own backend engine. And while the UI could use some polish (in terms of visuals) the design is straightforward and easy to pick up.

The developers mention that they do not collect or track your personal information — a rarity in this day and age. This free app also supports text-to-speech capabilities, along with ARM support.

Click here to check out Translator Free on the Windows Store.

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