If there is one thing that mobile gaming has given rise to it is cute monsters and cuddly creatures. That’s two things, actually, and both feature heavily in this game.

Up in Flames has a distinctly unique name, but the gameplay is rather similar to Angry Birds. As the name hints at, fire is an important element of the game, with your task being to free fellow dragons from imprisonment in each level.

You get a fireball as a weapon that you can shoot, and where it lands, determines whether your fellow dragons get out. Other creatures do their best to stop you from reaching your goal.

Here is a selection from the official description:

“The Hero is here!! Now it is time for Baff the Cute Green Dragon to unleash fiery blaze, burn his enemy’s fortresses and rescue his imprisoned folks! Save the hero’s friends and family, release them from the cage, destroy the obstacle, set up the bombs, rolling the boulder, ricochet the fireball using springs, and burn the nasty foes!”

Dragons are being named Baff these days, yeesh!

So anyway, the game is high on the cute and cuddly factor, and the art style readily draws inspiration from other hit mobile titles. You do get 75 levels and a variety of regions to play through, sure to keep you entertained for quite some time.

This free game supports all versions of Windows 8.1, including those powered by ARM based processors. And while it obviously works best with touch enable devices, other controls work neat too.

Click here to check out Up in Flames on the Windows Store.

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  • Wayne S

    Free games are always great. However, this looks like a complete rip off of angry birds. I’m not sure how popular it’ll be since angry birds has already had its 15 minutes.

  • Emily W

    It looks like a slightly more complicated/cool version of angry birds. It’s free, so I’ll look and try it out. Hopefully, it differentiates itself from angry birds in some sort of way.

  • Jake

    This can be fun I guess. In my opinion, they should try and get more innovative and original apps. Having angry bird knockoffs isn’t going to make the app store equal to apples. They can do better.

    • Sally Black

      I understand your point, Jake. But I am a huge fan of angry birds so I am extraordinarily happy about this! 🙂 I plan on downloading tomorrow.

  • Jason Claven

    It seems to be the consensus that this is pretty much angry birds. I don’t want to rush to judgment though, so I will play this first before I assume it’s relatively the same.

  • Bill Franklin

    At least Windows Store has an angry birds alternative. That’s one way to look at it. 🙂

  • Ted Smith

    Free game with 75 levels. Whether its a knock off or not, that’s good enough for me to download. Thanks for posting!