Windows 8.1 App Watch: Viggle

Well, what do you know? Another richly designed Windows 8 app, one after the other. The recent release of the official Rdio app on the Windows Store brought along a sleek and shiny user interface.

And this has been matched by another official client, Viggle.

This is, essentially, an entertainment rewards app that offers points for watching TV shows or sports. Featured clips and songs bring double, five times or even ten times the rewards. And it also brings along exclusive celebrity content in the form of Wetpaint original videos.

The official description explains it all:

“Viggle rewards you for watching TV and discovering music. Tap the Viggle app so it can listen to any TV or music and check you in for Viggle Points. Redeem your points for song downloads, electronics, gift cards and more.”

Well, that’s all there is to it, really.

A quick and breezy download, the application is richly designed, with simple, intuitive navigation. Although you might encounter the odd login issues if you are already using this app on other platforms.

You do need to set up cable access, but one helpful feature is the inclusion of custom reminders, so you never miss a show. If you are into television entertainment, music and all that, then this is a fantastic new addition to the Windows ecosystem. Universal app, works on x86, x64 and ARM.

Click here to check out Viggle on the Windows Store.

  • Chetty

    Easy, fun, and rewarding app! Great app watch choice. This is something I am going to use, and use often! 🙂

  • Paul Jefferson

    So this a free application that gives away rewards for watching shows or listening to music? If this is the case, awesome! But it sounds too good to be true.