It is not always easy to give a new spin to a tried and tested gaming genre, but Viking: The Adventures tries nevertheless. To pretty decent results, it must be said.

The platformer genre has a set formula, and while this free game does not deviate too much from it, you still get a wonderful and challenging experience. Your task in each level is simple — collect a set amount of goal, solve a few puzzles here and there before you are allowed to proceed to the next level.

The official description lays it straight:

“Are you the one who’s going to find all that hidden GOLD? Jump and run in this unique style platformer through 30 exciting levels! Explore uncharted lands in a vast hostile Viking world!

Choose your weapon and play with Kare, Asta or Einar and collect all the Gold to retrieve your boat! Bringing a fresh new spin to the platformer game style, experience puzzle levels and true Viking battle unlike anything you’ve played before!”

You can skillfully jump on objects or use your weapon to defeat creatures that are in your path. Speaking of weapons, the short sword you get at the very beginning needs some careful handling for you to survive.

Later on, though, you get a choice of up to 7 different weapons to battle, Viking style.

This free game comes with a charming visual style — the soundtrack is equally fantastic. Although it does run on Windows Phone, being a universal app, only the x86 and x64 processors are listed as supported on the page.

Click here to check out Viking: The Adventure on the Windows Store.

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  • CaptainJack

    Looks like a kids game, but I’m not embarrassed to admit I will probably love this as well. Nice choice for the app watch!