The Windows platform sure could use a few more utility apps like this. WiFi Dashboard, as the name so aptly suggests, is an application for your wireless network, if you have one set up.

It displays the security related information about the WiFi connection on your computer, including confirmation whether it is secure or not. Additionally, it also displays the IP address and the assigned location, along with the security protocol used for the connection.

The one line that makes up the official description:

“WiFi Dashboard, by Private Communications Corporation, lets you know the connectivity and security status of your WiFi.”

One thing about this nicely designed app is the user interface — it is modern, bright, bold and colorful. And much more than that, it is simple. You get access to useful information from one screen.

Speaking of screens, you can also put a Live Tile on the Start screen in order to always stay in the know about the state of your WiFi connection, without the need of launching the app every time.

Color coding reveals the status of your connection at a glance.

The free app, although not universal, does support all versions of Windows 8, including those based on ARM based processors. A perfect addition all PCs, laptops and tablets powered by Microsoft modern operating system. Recommended.

Click here to check out WiFi Dashboard on the Windows Store.

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