Another day, another word game for Windows. The Windows Store already boasts a whole bunch of these, and this latest one is a popular and highly-rated puzzle game for Windows 8.1 that goes by the name of Word Twist.

The idea behind this well-designed puzzle game is that you are given six letters, and are tasked with making as many words as you can using them. Anagrams have rarely been this fun!

A look at the official description:

“How many words can you make from just 6 letters? Play Word Twist, a classic word game, available for free on Windows 8.

Try 4 different variations, including Classic, All or Nothing, Blind, and Kids modes. Want an even bigger challenge? Increase the difficulty and see if you can get those really tough words! Included is a full dictionary so you can always get a word’s definition.”

This free game offers three varying difficulty levels, in four game modes — Classic, All or Nothing, Blind and Kid. A dictionary is also integrated within the game that can be accessed by a simple tap and provides definitions for all words.

Achievements, high scores and leaderboards are included, and the overall package is neatly designed with colorful and bright visuals. Word Twist also supports all three processors that run Microsoft’s modern platforms, from x86, x64 and ARM.

Click here to check out Word Twist on the Windows Store.

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