Another one of Microsoft’s prized properties in gaming. Zoo Tycoon was a hit PC game back in the day, and Zoo Tycoon Friends is a casual implementation in the series for Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

This simulation game allows you to build a zoo from the ground up.

More than 40 different animals are available, along with all manner of decorations that can be added to your construction. You also get more than 100 missions, so the game offers plenty of playing value, though in a simpler package than previous titles in the Zoo Tycoon series.

The official description:

“All-new Zoo Tycoon like you’ve never played it before! A Windows 8 and Windows Phone exclusive. In this delightful new spin on the wildly popular Zoo Tycoon franchise, build your ultimate zoo on any Windows 8 device, customize it with revenue-generating concessions and amazing decorations, and care for your favorite wild animals!

Then take your zoo on the go as it syncs to your phone. Zoo Tycoon Friends offers the best of the Zoo Tycoon you know and love on your Windows tablet, phone, and PC!”

Coming from Microsoft Studios, the game offers all the right connectivity and syncing options. It syncs up automatically on all Windows 8 devices, meaning you can play on the go or at home.

The visuals are bright and beautiful, and you can also connect with friends through Xbox Live or Facebook. It is available for all flavors of Windows 8, including x86, x64 and ARM, as a free download, though in-app purchases are abound.

Click here to check out Zoo Tycoon Friends on the Windows Store.

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