Apps are arguably one of the most important (if not the most important) feature of Windows 8.1, and Microsoft seems to have paid due attention to the built in applications in the upcoming OS.

Over the past few months, the software titan has been busy enhancing all Metro apps that come as default in the upcoming operating system, ensuring a more polished look and improve feature set.

And now that we are only a couple of weeks away from the official launch of the preview build, Redmond has started the process of updating all built-in Windows 8.1 apps.

The Windows Store was officially open for business on all builds of Windows 8.1 this weekend, allowing users the ability to download and install apps just as they do on a Windows 8 computer. And now, updates for all Windows 8.1 Metro apps are available for download.

Apps that got updated include popular ones like Video, Music, Maps, Games, Travel and SkyDrive.

These are now being delivered to all computers and devices that are running the various leaked builds of Windows 8.1 — a sure enough sign that we are getting very close to the anticipated launch of the preview version of the new operating system.

Additionally, it also means that Microsoft will provide all sorts of official details later this month. The BUILD developer conference is set to start June 26 in San Francisco.

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