Nothing earth shattering, but just something that inches the Modern UI closer to the traditional desktop environment in terms of feature sets and all that. A simple new addition.

This probably is how Microsoft will keep its future operating systems updated with new bells and whistles from now on. And in some ways this new strategy of monthly refresh is better than service packs, feature packs and new versions that come out once a year.

In some ways.

Anyway, back to this new addition at hand. This is just another minor improvement to the Modern UI side of things, and the Windows Update section of this environment now displays more information about the installed updates.

As discovered here, the most recent check for new updates, along with the date when the last items were installed are now displayed for easy viewing.

Nothing hugely monumental, as I said.

But it does show that the Modern UI still remains squarely in focus for Microsoft, even if the company is paying due attention to the traditional desktop side of its operating system in Windows 9.

There is not an iota of doubt that Metro is here to stay.

Always wanted to use a word like iota.

Your thoughts, people, if any, on this small but handy addition to the operating system. Slide them in the usual place for all to see.

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  1. Nice addition, but this update has been coming for awhile and been pretty highly anticipated. With all of that in mind, I kind of view it as a little bit of a letdown.

  2. This is a good addition. There wasn’t a major change like everyone was expecting, but this are some nice little improvements. I still say they still need to keep marketing and educating people about Windows 8.1. They still don’t have enough people out there telling the truth about the OS.

  3. I read somewhere that they pulled the Start Menu from that update at the last minute.

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