Microsoft seems to be preparing a Windows 8.1 backup media disc, one that would provide users with a way to repair a broken operating system that fails to boot up.

Official details on this from the company are not yet available. But Newegg is already listing the disc on its website, and it is priced at $14.99, and the product page confirms that the backup disc will start shipping on November 15.

It is listed as retail backup media only, and, obviously, no license key is included with the disc.

A product like this should come in real handy for those that are installing Windows 8.1 from the Windows Store, but are experiencing issues with the process. Plus, a little backup never hurt anybody, even if Windows 8.1 is the most stable of operating systems.

Since versions of Windows can easily be downloaded from Microsoft, it is a good idea to have a physical copy of the operating system at hand.

The new OS is offered free of charge to Windows 8 users, downloadable via the Windows Store. Everyone else, on the other hand, will have to purchase a standalone license of the operating system to get their copy, with prices starting at $119.99.

You can take a look at this backup media disc at the link above, and place a preorder if you want.

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