The second iteration of Microsoft’s modern operating platform is now well and truly out in the open. Not only are interested PC users upgrading to Windows 8.1, the OS is also powering a whole bunch of new hardware devices.

With the holiday shopping season well and truly upon us, hardware vendors and retailers both are concentrating on showcasing just how user-friendly an experience the new OS provides.

And when it comes to hardware partners, none are more important than Lenovo — it constantly ranks as either the largest or the second largest PC manufacturer in the world. And as far as the company is concerned, Microsoft seems to have done a great job with Windows 8.1.

Lenovo ThinkPad product manager Simon Kent, in a new interview said that that the latest version of Windows is a country mile better than Windows 8:

“Microsoft has made a good comeback with 8.1, and they acknowledge that they didn’t get it right with 8. They have done a good job with 8.1 and it is definitely much better than before.

The speed to boot up is noticeably quicker, and the reliability, particularly on a touch screen, is noticeably better and more fluid. The customizability of the tiles, and how you can create your own blocks of tiles, is also much easier.”

Windows 8.1 saw daylight in October, and is offered free of charge to all Windows 8 users, who can download the update from the integrated Windows Store.

The new operating system also powers a number of hardware devices that are now hitting the store shelves at a range of different price points.

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  • Ray C

    Like I said all these vendors need to realize they have a vested interest in the success of Windows 8.x. They need to make quality products and get out there and push both their products and Windows 8.x in general.