Microsoft has already detailed several of the new features and option that it plans on bundling with Windows 8.1, but one rumored option was Boot to Desktop, and this is something that has been a tad under the wraps.

But a new photo (yup, seems like it was taken via a camera from a presentation slide) shows us this option in the Start Screen options panel.

A new screenshot that surfaced today gives us our first look at the new Start Screen customization settings, which include an entry that says “Go to the desktop instead of Start when I sign in”.

Microsoft has not yet commented on this particular feature, but chances are that the company may share more details at the BUILD developer conference.

The software titan has however confirmed that it wants the upcoming refresh of its flagship operating system to be high on user friendliness and ease of use — and an option like this pretty much makes sense for people that want to land on the desktop every time they boot up their PC or device.

Besides, it provides users with a choice. And this is something that was sorely missing in many areas of Windows 8, which led to intense criticism.

Additionally, the configuration panel includes extra settings to show the desktop background on the Start Screen, always show Start on the main display whenever the Windows key is pressed, and show the Apps view immediately when the Start is clicked.

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