Windows 8.1 brings enhancements to camera and photos app

Windows 8.1 does bring improvements to the photo, video and camera applications.

When you’re recording video, you can tap anywhere on the screen to take a picture without stopping the recording. The panorama feature based on the popular Photosynth app allows
you to capture and seamlessly stitch panoramas and create 360° views.

If you have a device that supports it, Camera will capture a series of pictures one second before and one second after you press the shutter
button, allowing you to always select the best picture from a series of rapid shots.

The updated Photos app has edge-to-edge, touch-optimized photo and video viewing and great photo editing capabilities.

You can auto-fix or tweak your photos easily via touch or with a mouse and keyboard. If you need to do more advanced editing, there are apps available in the Windows Store.

When you’re done creating your masterpiece, you can use the Share charm to post it to your favorite social network or send it to friends and family via email without leaving the app.