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The public debut of Microsoft’s upcoming operating system Windows 8.1 is nearing. If a look at the calendar or the various news stories in the media do not tell you this much, the various leaked builds sure give away this feeling.

The newest builds of Windows 8.1 are currently being tested by Microsoft partners.

No particular specifics are available, but it seems that Windows 8.1 build 9385 has been sent to developers around the world for testing purposes.

A few screenshots have popped up over at PCBeta showing this newest build, but in case you were scouring for any details on what is new in this version, prepare to be disappointed. But seeing as this is another minor version bump from the previous one, chances are that the changes are at a minimum.

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This build, compiled on April 15, was reportedly distributed to partners on the Microsoft Partner Network a week or so back.

The previous Windows 8.1 (codename Windows Blue) builds have been revealed in intervals of five, like 9364, 9369, 9374, and while this particular version number breaks this trend, there is still a major possibility that this new build includes several bug fixes and additional control panel options.

And no, it does not include any reference to the Start button, in case you were wondering.

The public beta of Windows 8.1 is on track to head our way at the BUILD developer conference, set to take place in late June. The final version of this upgrade is set to hit store shelves two months after that, sometime in August or September this year.

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