Interest in Windows 8.1 is mounting, as the upcoming operating system inches closer to RTM status. Microsoft is already said to be compiling the RTM version as of this writing, with plans of signing it off and sending it to OEMs before the month is out.

But through all this, there is no shortage of leaked Windows 8.1 builds.

The last one to appear was build 9477 — the Chinese version of this particular version has been doing the rounds for a day now. But now it appears that another flavor of this build has leaked.

This time, it is the English version of build 9477 that has reached the web. And expectedly, it brings the same improvements as the Chinese version that leaked out yesterday.

As for changes, it seems that Microsoft has implemented a few small changes to the Start screen.

Both the Mail and the Help & Tips icons are modified, no doubt in an attempt to bring both of them smack in the spotlight. Other than different colors and icons for these app icons, that appears to be no major visual improvements made to this build.

The Mail app has, obviously, received a ton of improvements in Windows 8.1, but Microsoft has also bundled a completely new Help & Tips tool with the aim of helping users get around the operating system and its new features.

The adventurous amongst you can go hunting for a link to the English version, while the less daring ones can wait for the RTM build or the final retail version, which is set to launch on October 18.

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  • Ray C

    Maybe I should find one of the “dark corners of the internet” where you can get a copy of these builds.

    • Onuora Amobi

      Not worth it, trust me.

      You never know how much malware is neatly tucked into the build you get.

      • drachemitch

        How about, uh, none. Did you miss the entire point of UEFI and SecureBoot? Please explain how malware is going to be “neatly tucked” into installing a beta from cold boot?