For all intents and purposes we have reached the last leg of the development cycle of Windows 8.1, the first ever refresh of Windows 8, Microsoft’s latest operating system.

This new operating system is on track to hit final RTM status by the end of this month, with Redmond already having announced that it plans to hand over the final build to OEMs in August. Windows 8.1 is currently in the RTM branch, and Microsoft continues work on it as of this writing.

Build 9484 seems to have recently been compiled, and Microsoft is said to have submitted it for testing purposes to many of its partners.

As WinBeta notes this could either be the final RTM version or just another escrow build (more chance of it being the latter) that the software titan has specifically designed to test out specific features.

The accompanying screenshot shows this is as build 1.0.9484.0.winblue_rtm.130812-1706.

Meaning this version was compiled earlier this week, August 12, to be specific. Microsoft, obviously, does not comment on these builds, but sources close to the company have hinted that the RTM version is on track to be finalized later this month.

If things go according to plan, OEMs will get it in the last week of August.

Obviously, these are not the final builds, and those of you who are aiming for a bug free experience should wait for the final version of the operating system that is slated for an October 18 launch.

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