Every day we move closer to the official launch of Windows 8.1, and every other day we seem to hear about a new feature that Microsoft had kept under wraps. Today is another such day.

Windows 8.1 will make its debut next week, and Redmond is gearing up to deliver what is the final round of updates to the operating system before it hits general availability. Bug fixes and security enhancements are part of the agenda, but so are a few new options.

More specifically, new options that streamline the overall user experience of the OS.

Microsoft confirmed one such feature in a blog post, and this one actually is powered by Bing. Essentially, an app recommendation engine, this newly unveiled option collects data on a user’s previous downloads and ratings, and then provides suggestions.

As the company briefly mentioned:

“Finding those apps will also be easier with the addition of a Bing recommendation engine that suggests apps and games based on factors such as previous selections, community favorites, and a range of other signals that create connections between customers and the best apps for them.”

These suggestions come into play every time a user searches for new apps.

While it is not exactly crystal clear how this feature is going to be implemented in Windows 8.1, and in what capacity, more details are likely incoming in the very near future.

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  • Ray C

    I’ll be glad when 8.1 drops, so everyone can then start talking about what comes next LOL

    • Fahad Ali

      Same here, though it may take a few months before we get an idea of what’s cooking up next in the Redmond kitchen. 😛