Another month, and another confirmation that Windows XP users are upgrading in droves. Windows 8.1 adoption continues, and Microsoft’s latest keeps growing its market share.

New statistics provided by market research firm Net Applications indicate that the market share of the ancient operating system is dropping at a fast pace — while at the same time newer versions of Windows, like Windows 7 and 8.1 are upping their install base.

We sure have come a long way from the 26.29% in April when Microsoft officially ended support of Windows XP.

Current numbers indicate that the vintage OS has fallen to 13.57%, a notable drop from the 17.18% of the previous month. If this keeps up, then we could well be into single digits by next year.

Windows 8.1 in the meantime is winning more users.

It appears that businesses and organizations have finally completed their upgrades, as the latest versions of the operating system climbed to 12.10% in November, up from the 10.92% that was recorded in October.

The latest version has been in a good run of form, pretty much doubling its market share in just a few months. It was only in July that 6.56% of the desktops around the world were running Windows 8.1.

Combine that with the 6.55% share of Windows 8, and Microsoft’s modern platform has a notable total of 18.65%. Not too shabby, not too shabby.

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