Windows 8.1 Could Introduce A Fingerprint Password Option

Windows 8.1 Could Introduce A Fingerprint Password Option

Microsoft has already promised that it will share more details on the Windows 8.1 upgrade leading up to the debut of the public preview set for late next month.

Since little in particular has been confirmed, we have had to make do with the rumor mill and keen eye of the technology community that has analyzed the various leaked builds and screenshots of the anticipated upgrade that have made their way to the web.

The latest is that Redmond may introduce a new security option in Windows 8.1 that would allow users to make use of fingerprints instead of passwords.

While this feature is not particularly brand new, WinBeta has dug up evidence in the leaked build 9385 that reached the Internet around a month or so back. While this particular tool is not yet in working order, there is enough to suggest that it could be implemented in the final release.

A new setting by the name of “SystemSettings_User_FingerprintPassword” is present alongside other functions like “PicturePassword” and “PinPassword”.

The final release of Windows 8.1 is reportedly the build number 9600.

This surely is an interesting move by Microsoft, and a feature like this would definitely need support from other OEMs to be properly implemented. The Surface tablets currently do not include fingerprint scanners, as do most other Windows 8 and Windows RT slates.

Share your thoughts on this interesting new security improvement. Will you be using this as opposed to the good old regular password or the Picture Password option? Is this something you have wanted as a regular option on Windows computers, or is this a feature best left to high-octane action flicks?