Remember the day when information about Windows 8.1 first started to leak out? Insiders had started hinting at Windows Blue, the codename of the new operating system, many a moons back.

And now a mere 10 days remain before Microsoft official launches its new OS.

The company will offer this first ever refresh of its flagship operating platform free of charge to Windows 8 users, who will be allowed to download Windows 8.1 from the Windows Store a day earlier, on October 17 to be exact.

For everyone else, the operating system will be available for purchase on the bright and balmy morning of October 18. Users of older versions of Windows will, obviously, need to purchase a license before upgrading to the newest flavor.

The core version of Windows 8 will be available for $119.99 — the Pro package will cost you $199.99.

Current Windows 8 users will actually have two different options when it comes to upgrading. They can either download the update from the integrated Windows Store free of charge. Or alternatively, perform a fresh install and activate using their Windows 8 key.

More importantly though expect the floodgates to really open after Windows 8 takes flight.

Redmond will start shipping its second generation Surface lineup of tablets a few days after the launch, October 22 to be precise, and the same holds true for the myriad of Windows PC makers.

A new wave of devices — laptops, tablets and convertibles —is expected to hit store shelves soon after the launch of Windows 8.1. So buckle up your seatbelt, it promises to be an amazing ride!

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  1. I hope 8.1 and the next wave of hardware are a bigger deal then many people expect.

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