Windows 8.1 Is The First Product Of One Microsoft

Windows 8.1 Is The First Product Of One Microsoft

The biggest story of the summer was Microsoft’s companywide initiative of transforming itself into a devices and services firm, something that outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer labeled as One Microsoft.

The idea was simple enough — bringing the Redmond Empire closer together and having its various divisions collaborate with one another on pretty much all products and services that carry the Microsoft logo. This, the company said, was the key to its success in the long term.

Well, now the first fruit of this new strategy is out in the wild for all to see.

Windows 8.1 has been available for download from the Windows Store since yesterday, and today the new operating system has hit store shelves around the globe.

Bandon LeBlanc of Microsoft said in a blog post announcing the new OS:

“Windows 8.1 represents collaboration across the entire company. Windows 8.1 will also bring some very innovative new devices for both consumers and businesses from tablets and 2-in-1s with a perfect mix of mobility and productivity, to new laptops, All-in-Ones and specialized industry devices Windows 8.1 brings the widest selection of designs at every price point.”

While the first product is here, the transformation, however, still continues.

The reorganization was expected to last a whole year, and we may very well be treated to exciting new changes in Redmond in the months to come — the most high profile being a new CEO.

But the company will be keen to continue on this path and implement this new strategy across all its upcoming products and services. New Surface units are expected early next year, and so is Windows Phone 8.1 the anticipated upgrade to Microsoft’s mobile platform.