Now that the dust has settled on Windows 8.1, the latest operating system to come from Redmond, attention is shifting towards what the future holds for Microsoft’s platform.

We already know that the company is working on a major update that is being prepared to be released sometime in early 2014. Now rumors are pointing that the next Windows released could be here as early as January next year.

Crazy, huh? Wait till you hear the next part.

More hearsay on the matter suggests that a fully functioning Start Menu could be back in this upcoming update. Little possibility of this happening — but the rumors are nevertheless there.

Some are even suggesting that the upcoming Spring GDR update could well be called Windows 8.2. Again, this makes sense at some levels, but there are enough indications that Microsoft may want to stick with the Windows 8.1 designation throughout.

At least until the widely rumored Windows 9 comes strolling around.

But this much is a done deal that the Spring GDR update to Windows 8.1 will be offered free of charge to users, and once again delivered to users from the Windows Store. Anyway, these are still very early rumors on the near and upcoming future of Windows, so take them at face value.

We should, however, have more of an idea next year as we get close to the Spring GDR update.

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  • Ray C

    Microsoft has gone this far without putting a full start menu in, why change now. If people want a start menu let them buy 7. Most of the functions from the original start menu that I was missing are there with the pop-up menu in 8.1. They just need to continue to refine it and metro

  • JoannF

    Want a start menu – Classic Shell is great and it’s free.

  • Sphar

    Microsoft should refine the start screen so that the “all apps” screen is sub-foldered similar to the older menu. Having hundreds of apps on one screen isn’t very well thought out.

  • NazmusLabs

    Excuse me? Where are your sources? You haven’t linked to a single source telling that it is the case. If the source is personally giving you information and wants to remain anonymous, please say so. I expected more from this site.

  • Alexandria Jeans

    Oh dear lord don’t bring the old start menu back I don’t miss it what so ever. or at least make it an option you can turn on or off.