Microsoft will soon launch Windows 8.1, its latest operating system, and the company wants to make sure it has all its bases covered, particularly when it comes to sales.

The new operating system is now set to bring a brand new option that would allow users to buy applications using gift cards (or promotional codes, for that matter). These can actually be purchased either at Microsoft retailers and the official Microsoft Stores.

In fact, Amazon recently started selling what are being called ‘Microsoft Windows Gift Cards’ for $15. They are available for preorder right now, and on track to be released on October 18, the same day when Windows 8.1 launches.

Not much information is provided by Microsoft in this regard, but the Amazon product page states:

“Windows gift cards are great gifting options at any time. They let you easily buy thousands of amazing apps, games, music, movies, TV shows and more at the Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox stores.”

The Windows Store setting of Windows 8.1 RTM, as a matter of pure fact, now displays this option, and this is something that will very likely be welcomed by owners of Windows 8 devices — young kids in particular, as they now have an option to pay for apps without having to use credit or debit cards.

Apple, Google and Amazon, all three, offer retail cards that let people buy apps, and this new option is an excellent way to expand the Windows ecosystem.

Now all we have to wait is for this US-only option to go international, which hopefully it does soon.

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